Ice Skating Clothes

Here you have a huge selection of training clothing.

For clothing we offer tracksuits for example leggings, jackets and body’s from Mondor in different sizes.  

If you are interested in individually designed training and competition clothing we can suit you your dream dresses! You can inspire yourself under sub-menu made by Britta Gericke there you can also see some of our customers dresses! We also have successful and famous customers: Aljona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy, Peter Liebers and Team Berlin 1. If you are interested, just contact us!

Please understand, that we are not able to have all articles in all sizes and types in stock. We order every week at our suppliers. That’s why it is possible that your article could be available in 14 days. It could be the case that our suppliers aren’t able to supply your article immediately. We will contact you via E-Mail, when your article is available!         



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figure-skating body with round collar in the color skin of the company Mondor in four different sizes

42.90 *

ice-skating body with high neck in the color skin from the company Mondor in four different sizes

53.90 *

ice-skating men's trousers in the color black from the company Mondor in four different sizes

84.90 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery