Swarovski Rhinstones

Here you get a huge selection of Swarovski Elements and everything you need for using rhinestones.

Rhinestones are often the highlight which makes our creations true eye-catching dresses. The glitter on our dresses always underline their elegance.

At our shop you can purchase Rhinestones from Swarovski. Our selection inventory includes rhinestones in various colours and sizes as well as Rhinestones to stick on (Non-Hotfix) and Hot Fix Rhinestones.

Stones in size SS16 have a diameter of ca. 3,9mm, SS20 ca. 4,8mm, SS30 ca. 6,5mm and SS34 ca. 7,1mm. The Rhinestones are available in 4 price segments.  You get Rhinestones in sizes SS16 and SS20 in a packing out of 10 large, this corresponds to 1,440 pieces. SS30 has a packaging of 2.0 large representing 288 pieces and SS34 of 1 large corresponding 144 pieces. You are able to order some colours as 100 pieces packaging, please contact us.

If you contact us you can order Rhinestones in different sizes (SS6-SS48, Sew on Rhinestones or Rhinestone buttons from Swarovski.

Opened original boxes with torn open seals can not be exchanged.

As accessories you can order Rhinestone glue, in our shop, from DSI.

Colour variations of imaged items are dependent on your technical reasons and individually of your own hardware and software configuration of the PC / laptop you have. We strive to provide a realistic representation, but cannot guarantee for realistic illustration.