About us

About us


It was 1979 that I found my love for the Dance Sport. I was then eight years old and I´m no longer aware of what attracted me so much. It could have been the dancing itself, the many beautiful dresses or both.

I was lucky enough to enter this sport and as an active Tournament Dancer I could even collect some important victories. My very personal success story includes victories in different Ballroom, Latin and 10 dances Regional Championships. 1990 I was in Italy to take part at the World Championship.

1989 I began to learn dressmaking and after concluding my education I found work for several years in a Dance Studio in Berlin as a designer and dressmaker for ballroom dresses.

2002 I established my own business "Britta Gericke Tanz- & Textildesign". The charming and unique details, in the dresses I create, express may great passion for the Dance Sport.

2019 I had a big change, I found my new home in the beautiful Hoppegarten nearby Berlin and my older name "Britta Gericke Tanz- & Textildesign" changed to "Britta Gericke" and "Dance Vibes Berlin"

A lot of successesful and famouse dancer and ice-skater, national and international, trust in our ability and creative vein. For example: 

  • Aljona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy (5 times world champions) 
  • Ballroom Formation from Braunschweiger TSC (10 times world champions) 
  • Ballroom Formation from OTK Schwarz Weiß Berlin

From a dancer to a dancer. We know what you need to feel good. Inspire yourself in my atletier and visit me in Hoppegarten.

Britta Gericke