Dance Together Challenge

Thats our Dance-Together-Challenge:

Join and learn our choreography, it doesnt matter where you are, dance in the kitchen, in your living room or at the beach, just show us how you dance with us! Send your video to, post your video on instagram an tag us or send your video via direct message. Important: your video should be in an upright format and you should be in the middle oft he screen. Be wild and creative, you get the chance to receive codes for our online shop! Send your videos till 06/24/2020, at the end, we will publish a video with all of your videos, stay tuned! SEE YOU ON THE FLOOR!

Raylee with her song „Wild“ is choosen for our dance, (Timeslot: 01:35)

Raylee - Wild on YouTube:

(You agree with posting or sending a video in context to our campaign that we are allowed to gepost and publish it again)

Find out how to learn our choreography on our Instagram Channel!