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We offer protector for boots and blades, for care colour spray. Please understand, that we are not able to have all articles in all sizes and types in stock. We order every week at our suppliers. That’s why it is possible that your article could be available in 14 days. It could be the case that our suppliers aren’t able to supply your article immediately. We will ontact you via E-Mail, when your article is available! 





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Tensioning saver to protect the blades in many different colors

13.90 / pair(s) *

solid and hard wearing fabric skids in various trendy color combinations for dry and clean skate transport

13.90 / pair(s) *

fluffy and extremly hardwearing fabric skids in pink and light blue for dry and clean transport of the skates

17.90 / pair(s) *

Lycra overboots protects your skates in the colors white, black and skin

10.90 / pair(s) *

Therm-IC refresher dries wet skates in a few hours and the UV-light prevents germination


62.90 *

BUNGA PAD ankle sleeve, stocking type gel tube for reducing friction and pressure in the ankle area

22.90 *

shoelaces for the new genaration of skates from company Risport in white and black and different lengths

4.90 / pair(s) *

anatomically formed and ultra light insole of the company Risport in different sizes

6.90 / pair(s) *

developed specifically for the figure skating function sock of the company Risport in different sizes

9.90 / pair(s) *

leather spray from the company Magix in a 150 ml can as well as in the colors white, black and beige

13.90 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
1 - 10 of 11 results