Dancing Accessories

Here you can find all accessories dancers may need!

In sub-menu Men you will find dance accessories for men such as cotton or piccadilly collars, bow ties, braces, pocket hankies, collar studs, dress shirt studs, cuff links, vestettes and ballroom shirt in different colours.

If you click accessories you will find kimonos, tracksuits and towels and slippers from Supadance and Britta Gericke. Furthermore we carry dance sport pictograms to sew on the inside and outside of your clothes.

In sub-menu Legwear you will find fishnet tights and shimmery tights from Capezio and Primavera as well as leg warmers in different colours and lengths.

We also carry cosmetic products for the dance sport. Our selection includes eyelashes and fixing spray from Kryolan and a diversity of self-tanner from Sexyhair and DSI as well as the tanning enhancing DHA Powder.

In our assortment you will find dance shoe pockets of the company Supadance, DSI and Freed and suit- and dress covers with our logo.